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Expert Life Librating Guidance and Clear Direction
For Your Unique Road Map and Blue Print to navigate your passage
to  a Whole Life; Living as the Magnificent Me; with a joyful heart, peace of mind, harmonious relationships and abundant prosperity!


You have more worth and value than you may even be aware of; yet you may not be feeling or living yours completely.

Are You Ready to be the real you with a Whole Vibrant Life; Living  Passionate Purpose? 

You can have Peace of Mind, Strong Vibrant Body, Happy Heart and Radiant Soul; so you can Fulfill Your Life Legacy !

The only thing constant is change!

We all experience many changes throughout our lives. All change regardless of unexpected adverse experiences  or intentionally planned and joyfully anticipated goals and dreams; can be perceived as a threat and can halt or impede your process.

Here at Live Heaven on Earth we provide compassionate step by step guidance to help you with multiple transformational tools and modalities; to either avoid triggering that fear or managing it so you can grow gracefully; transform easily and continually move forward in all you deem desirable.

We are dedicated to helping you realize all change is really about Self Discovery! The discovery of who you truly are and what is really right for you; so that you can aspire to your greatest potential.

Are you plague with focusing on false beliefs?

Are you stressed from toxic emotions?

Are you frustrated because you are still waiting for your dreams to launch or wondering why they won't stay afloat?

Are you suffering from any of the interuptive distractions that may also show up as lack of sufficient funds, inharmonious relationships with partners or family, health concerns, the loss of a job, or anyone of your dreams not being fulfilled.

If you are one of the many feeling confused and ungrounded and struggling with dense uncomfortable emotions, questioning your worth and the value, or disappointed that life simply isn't going as you planned; then it is time to step up to truly transform!

These thoughts, emotions, physical ailments, inharmonious relationship and lack of anything are calling to you to be consciously attended to... so you can realign with your authenticity so you are free to think, say and do what is right for you.

You can get guidance and the everyday practical magic tools to transform your life for the better forever.

Live Heaven on Earth provides guidance for everyone with  life liberating online webinars, one on one programs, group workshops and hands on  retreats in a magical supportive enviornment. All designed  to assist you in reaching your full expansion, your optimal potential and desired dreams of being your own authority to choose and pursue what is right for you. You will be expertly and compassionately guided into your fullest expression; who will easily manifest the life of your dreams! You need not just merely survive; it is time to blossom and thrive.

Ascension Program Details

Ascension Magnificent Me Retreat

Ascension - Magnificent Me

A life liberating guidance series for all; designed to help you be free to be your authentic self and follow your heart!

Would you like a clearly defined Road Map to escape your present conditions of merely existing in lack and limitation? One that will safely and lovingly navigate you to abundant lavish living?

You can transform your life for the better foreve. Participate in the Free and Convenient online Webinars or One on One personal Guidance.
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You are not here to be average; you are here to be awesome!”
"Be Great....Because You are already Magnificent!


"Thank you so much for this healing process. It was so powerful and I feel so empowered. You are so gifted and I know that with all my experiences I too will make a difference in someone's healing. I can feel the energy shifting within me. You are a blessing. I am ready for this...I am done with surviving and I am ready to LIVE!!!! " i

M.M. Mississippi

"My workshop/retreat experience was irreplaceable. I was able to leave the distraction behind and remember what it was like just being with myself with out obligation to others. I was able to see, feel, and hear the way spirit communicates with me. There was so many things about this adventure that healed me in so many ways. I was able to now begin to trust in myself, spirit, and embrace my feminine side. Removing myself from the everyday distraction I was able to receive the gift of healing."

A.P. Colorado

"The gratitude that I have for this amazing being “Eloryia” can not be put in words. I can put in words how Eloryia’s gifts bring to light what must be addressed so that our journey through life my be more fulfilling. The heart of my inner child needed to be heard, embraced and loved unconditionally. I was reminded that we all have the ability to slow down, listen and embrace our spirituality. We must lift the blinders, weight or whatever we’ve established along the way that no longer serves our greater good.

I have taken time, daily since my reading, to listen to my inner child. Today I decided to use tools…as Eloryia would say, “The tools only confirm what you already know”. LOL

I wanted to share with you that the results from one of my many tools also confirms how Eloryia’s gift should not ever be underestimated. Some of you might not understand where I’m gathering this information or how it relates. But…Eloryia will. And yes…Sooooo completely in-line with reading received from Eloryia. I’ll use the tools needed to assist in the process of eliminating the internalize blocks that Eloryia so graciously brought into the light. I will remember that “I AM” the greatest resource in the process. Everything and everyone works together.

Thank you Eloryia!!! 

B.V. Colorado

Live Heaven on Earth is unique guidance offered as webinars, one on one or group retreats; all designed to take you on an enchanting journey of self-discovery to claim and unleash the Self-Mastery of your divine authenticity; known as the Magnificent Me! The guidance will help you access your clear road map to abundant joyful living; your unique Heaven On Earth!

You are Divine Magnificence; this means you have value!  With your inherent worth comes the empowering choice to change your present life circumstances from ordinary muck to everyday magical miracles.

You already know what I mean by muck to miracles. You have spent long enough merely existing in experiences and or encounters that are less than joyful.

You are now ready to get out of your rut; by freeing yourself from the limiting fearful lower mind ego and less than desirable stagnant emotions that keep you from attaining your highest potential and greatest self.

You can leap out of the muck into the miracles by freeing you to be your authentic self; who without hesitation or limitation engages in only what brings you joy.

"We are all here for one reason only; to remember who we really are, to realize our gifts and then be free to joyfully express our magnificence by continually expanding our love through sharing our divine gifts, talents and skills to help awaken and uplift ourselves and the world at large! "

Conforming to conditioned beliefs or taught behaviors, has been the all-consuming painful catalyst causing each of us to forget who we are. It has left us in some level of lack and resulted in experiencing a mere survival based dulling existence that is less than befitting of who you truly are and what you really deserve. We all have been plagued with crippling thoughts, coupled with negative emotions; based on our erroneous beliefs of being separate from our true self.

You have landed in the right place to acheive long lasting results of all you deem desirable.

You can utilize your energies to manifest all your dreams; creating a Heaven on Earth unique and befitting of your Divine Magnificence; including monetizing your gifts through an entrepenuerial venture to radiate your brilliant light around the world. Or you can simply use your wisdom as an everyday tool to benefit yourself and the friends and family you know and love.

NOW is the time to accept simple, practical and effective guidance to successfully reach the Self-Mastery of Ascension; where you design and create your own unique Heaven on Earth!

Self-mastery empowers you to gift yourself; peace of mind, a strong healthy body and a happy heart! You can have it all right here and right now both in your personal life and business ventures.

This is where you will be lovingly inspired, encouraged and supported in realizing your self-mastery; a whole, self-confident, self-trusting, heart centered individual. One who is clear on what you want and courageous in taking the necessary steps to realize your greatest potential to accomplish all your dreams.

Get started now, discover the uniqueness of the advanced Ascension - Magnificent Me; Self-Mastery life liberating guidance series.

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To help you obtain a Peacful Mind
A Healthy Body and Happy Heart!


Live Heaven on Earth

Dance like no one is watching
Sing like no one is listening
Love like you've never be hurt
Live in Heaven on Earth!

"It is not too late; as each moment is a new Beginning
and each breath can cleanse away all that was in order
to create a new awareness with a Better Life!"


"To Ascend is to deliberately desire and consciously intend to live in unconditional self love, self-trust and in peace of mind, by shifting from your less than joyful existence, manifested from the unconscious lower state of fear; to the higher state of love." E. R.

Heaven on Earth-Ascension are life liberating one on one programs, group workshops or retreats in a magical supportive enviornment. It is designed  to assist you to reach self-mastery where you  claim and unleash your soul's true radiant essence; we term the Magnifcent Me. You will be lovingly guided into your fullest expression; who will easily manifest the life of your dreams! You need not just merely survive; it is time to blossom and thrive.

Your union with the Divine is the most significant relationship you can ever have. It is time to stop blocking what God is trying to give you.

You are a seed of greatness planted on Earth by the Divine; and destined to mature into a Magnificent Blossom filled with astonishing beauty and grace; as you grow into the perfect expression of the ascended state of love.

"You are to be like the courage of the flower; as it pushes forth its stamen and pistol to reproduce its kind. The Flower affirms its beauty and elegance just as you can.

You are beautiful and have an elegant spirit when you live in love and use compassion as your aid. These qualities are everlasting." Meredith L. Young

This is what will produce your heaven on earth.

The Road Map and Blue Print to Live Heaven on Earth-Ascension; how to navigate your passage to inner joy, peace, love and abundant prosperity!

Your highest mission in life is not to conform to things, as they appear to be imposed by your family and/or society. Each of us is meant to aspire to our divine magnificence by trusting in self and continually expressing what brings us joy in any given moment.

Conforming to conditioned beliefs and/or taught behaviors, has been the all consuming painful catalyst that has left you in some level of lack and has caused you to experience a mere survival based existence that is less than befitting of your heavenly magnificence.

The world in its present state, is nothing more then the changes we have all been awaiting. We as the inhabitants of the beautiful mother earth are collectively shifting from the lower levels of fear into the divine magnificence of the highest vibration of love.

The time is now to move beyond your past conditioned reality; to shift to the higher level of super consciousness where you are in harmony with your highest soul intention.

Each of us, being a divine magnificent child of God-Goddess; is to individually step up to the integrity of our highest divine authority and creative expression; and from this, collectively bring forward new passages, blueprints and road maps for self and all others who wish to lovingly and gracefully navigate their way to Heaven on Earth!

Download Your Free Gift
To help you obtain a Peacful Mind
A Healthy Body and Happy Heart!