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Ascension - Magnificent Me
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The webinar guidance from the convenience of your home, or the workshop/retreats in a magical supportive environment away from the havoc of everyday life; are designed to help you truly transform by pinpointing your real problems and providing the genuine solutions for life liberating, long lasting results for peace of mind, strong vibrant body and a happy heart.

Applying the real resolve to overturn the deep seeded cellular based issues; is what needs to happen to stop that negative critic, the inner saboteur, who resides in fearful conditioned incorrect beliefs, and cannot seem to help itself from destroying your dreams just before they are manifest.

The amazing results for me and hundreds of others and now for you as well, is you can be liberated from fearful limitations that cause you to experience a mere survival existence; to living a life of intentional passionate purpose.

You can leap into a lavish joyful life; fueled with the highest vibration of expansive unconditional Love.

You can be a purposeful heart centered creator; who manifest only that of which brings you joy through the vibration of Love.

Love carries with it all of the wonderful things that you have long desired; an abundance of self -trust, peace of mind, vibrant health and extraordinary finances.... where anything and everything is possible!

You not only deserve to; but can be empowered to live your own unique Heaven on Earth; as well as share your divine gifts and talents with all!

Find Out If You Are Ready For Ascension!

"To Ascend is to consciously desire and deliberately intend to live in unconditional self love, self-trust and in peace of mind, by shifting from your less than joyful existence, manifested from the unconscious lower state of fear; to the higher state of love." E. R.

A Journey back to restore the real you.  This Magnificent Me- Self-Mastery; will transform you from a state of meaningless to living your Magnificence....your True Self and your True Love; with a Clear Road Map To Live Heaven On Earth. It is a course that will lift you out of your all consuming, limiting fear into unconditional love. Transforming  you from merely surviving to thriving in a joyful lavish life; filled with abunance of all wonderful things.  This unique program is designed to assist you in healing and integrating your heart, mind, body and soul to be your authentic self! The natural path with the real Steps to Effective, Successful, Life Liberating Change.

  Dance like no one is watching
  Sing like no one is listening
  Love like you've never be hurt
  Live in Heaven on Earth!

There are many different tools, applications and or modalities, available in the world today, to assist you with transforming your life from that of which you dread to that of which you desire.

Over the course of many years of healing my own negative conditioned behavior and beliefs that resulted in mental and emotional wounds; I have channeled very specific practical steps that have resulted in healing and shifting my life for the better. This specialized gift from the heavens has also helped hundreds of others I have been blessed to guide out of the muck of survival into a joyful life filled with everyday miracles.

These steps have been entitled, The Ascension Program-Magnificent Me, The Road Map to live Heaven on Earth; The Real Steps to Life Liberating, Effective, Successful Change. They will lift you from living in the fearful survival conditions of erroneously believing you are “lesser than”, to living in the ascended state of love of your divine magnificence.

They are practical steps to guide you on your journey of remembrance, acceptance and activation of your authentic magical, magnificent self.

They will guide you to live in the present; where you create from your heart; the focal point of all manifestation. You will find your true love, remember how to trust your intuition so you can easily and gracefully flow through life's changes by knowing which choice is right for you in any moment.

This empowering program has already helped liberate many from muck to everyday miracles.

If you are ready and willing to do something truly loving and nurturing for yourself; the Steps of the Ascension-Magnificent Me Program will assist you in healing your heart, mind, and spirit. You will be facilitated through your incorrect limiting mental beliefs and releasing your stagnant negative emotional charges. Erroneous thought coupled with negatively charge emotions are the cause of manifesting people, places and experiences that are less than befitting of your magnificence.

The simple and practical Steps of life liberating, effective, successful change will be your passage and roadmap to realizing your greatest potential through your heavenly gifts; where all your dreams come true. You will be guided out of the hell like state of fear and into the higher state of love.

The Program is now offered as an online telecast, and workshops/retreats in a magical, supportive environment. Each are designed to show you the way out of your rut; (regardless of whether you know you are in one or not); to restore your authentic self. The one with the peaceful mind, a healthy strong body and a happy heart; who manifest the life of their dreams!

To better serve you; the online self-mastery guidance program only allows a certain number of participants per quarter. And only 10-12 participants for each workshop or retreat held four times a year in a magical, supportive environement; away from the havoc of everyday life.

For your peace of mind; Eloryia provides a 20 minute free consultation to help get to know each other better and to determine whether you are ready for self-mastery; making you a good candidate for this workshop, retreat or online guidance program.

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Muck To Miracles

You already know what I mean by muck to miracles. You have spent long enough in a life that brings about experiences and or encounters that are less than joyful.

You are now ready to choose to get out of your rut, by freeing yourself from the muck of the fearful lower mind ego and the less than desirable emotions those thoughts generates, so you may shift into the accelerated life of focusing on the positive while feeling only love and accepting miracles in each moment of the day.

You can leap out of the muck into the Miracles, where you become super conscious and shift from desire to intention. Intention is the choice to be present so you are able to discern the right action to affect change and the result is, you manifest abundance of love, peace, health and finances.

Love Over Fear

Conditioned fear and taught behavior is what stands in your way of realizing all your dreams. This fear is due to the cross wiring of conditioned programming. The programming that was influenced by your original caretakers, then more deeply embedded as you grew and integrated with society and it continues to be engrained by you day after day.

In the past you have compromised your divinity by unconsciously choosing to live in a state of fear; where you end up settling for less than what you truly deserve. NOW is the time to shift to a life of living consciously knowing who you truly are and expressing only unconditional love for yourself and all others.. To follow desire with intention you will shift from fear to love.

Each day when you arise, do you greet it with a sensation of enthusiasm and excitement or does your day seem doomed before it even begins because you open your eyes already mentally and emotionally trapped in the fear of how nothing will ever be different. In this workshop you will be facilitated to soar through your incorrect limiting mental beliefs by releasing your stagnant emotions.

You can be successful at letting go of attracting less then what you really desire and move up to manifesting your joy filled dreams. It will assist you in getting out of your rut; where you are free from the muck of survival to experience living miracles.

Desire To Intention To Graceful Flow

"Intensive and empowering, but fun and joyful" M.G.

To live a miraculous life of the higher state of love, it is necessary to follow through. Desire is not enough; intention is taking the right action to affect a successful change and surrendering to the graceful flow is what will bring about the fullest expression of the divine Magnificence you are meant to be.

The workshop consists of a 13 Step Program that will alter your life by effecting positive change for your successful outcome. The program is a consciously lived, self responsible plan to creating and living your unique Heaven on Earth. It matters not how young you are, or how old you believe you are.

It matters not what your past experiences have been or what your present circumstances are…..It works for me, it has worked for hundreds of others so it can work for you too, as this is what I know to be the Absolute Truth!

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    Each of the workshops, retreats or online teleclass guidance is designed to pinpoint your real issues and provide the solutions for life liberating, long lasting results.

    This necessary process is what needs to happen to stop that negative critic, the inner saboteur, who resides in fearful conditioned beliefs, and cannot seem to help itself from destroying your dreams just before they are manifest.

    The amazing results for me and hundreds of others and now for you as well, is you can be liberated from fearful limitation, bringing you into Love. Love carries with it all of the wonderful things that you have long desired; an abundance of self -trust, peace of mind, vibrant health and extraordinary finances.... where anything and everything is possible!

    We aim high at being focused on building relationships with all participants Working together so each individual is empowered for the greater good of all. Each of you will be supported to surface above your fearful ego, ascending to your Divine Magnificent Me. Come play with us to learn the practical magic of living Heaven on Earth.

    Start now by scheduling your 20 minute free consultation for either the group workshop/retreat , or one on one guidance; to see if this is a fit for you.

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    Eloryia RA

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