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If you are plagued with constant critical thoughts of disempowerment; meaning everyone and everything seems to have more control over you than you do; it is time for your awakening to your magnificence!

I know you are divine magnificence; nonetheless you are probably thinking, she could not possibly be speaking about me. You may be saying, how could I be magnificent? I am certainly not treated as such by my husband, wife, boyfriend, girlfriend, friends, parents, children, or my employer or employees. Nonetheless, despite whether you believe it or not, or are treated in a like manner; the higher truth is you are indeed magnificent!

The only reason you can’t seem to fathom you are magnificent, is because for far too long you have been giving your undivided attention to your inner critical voice with its relentless unkind message of how you are a lesser than and not deserving of all the wonderful things.

You incorrectly and may also unconsciously believe you are less than deserving of having your dreams come true. Less than worthy of being treated with love, honor and/or respect. Less than having the relationship you desire and less than getting the money you need or want. The list is endless. All the while you continue to wonder why and how other people seem to achieve the very things you dream about, but you never seem to get them no matter how hard you try.

Why is it that there appears to be greater children of God and you are feeling like the lesser one?

You too can be great, because you are already magnificent!

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