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Not just inspiration or encouragement; but actually help to set you firmly on your path to the Joyful life of Self-Mastery!


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The Magnificent Me is your authentic divine self.  Your self-mastery expressed through your courageous spirit. This is who you are and who you were always meant to be. Your Magnificent Me is free from the illusion of fear and aligned to the reality of love. It is the multi-faceted unified you; outwardly expressed as the free spirit; who is on a joyful adventure called life. 

Unfortunately, this beautiful authenticity focused on an incredible life purpose or soul mission seems to be thwarted in all of us. We are all plagued with the illusion of separation. We perceive we are less than perfect or have done something wrong; which then justifies erroneous thoughts stating we are separate from God. Being seperate from God is the same as being seperate from our true self and abundance of all wonderful things.

We turn away from our divine heritage and mask our true identity; adopting and projecting a false image of self to please others; expecting or demanding them to supply all we desire! In our self-deception we eventually forget we are divine magnificence; inherently deserving of an abundant life. Conforming to conditioned beliefs or taught behaviors, has been the all-consuming painful catalyst responsible for leaving each of us in some level of lack.

This debilitating taught behavior has caused us to experience a life plagued by mere survival based energy of existence; far less than befitting of our heavenly magnificence. Our highest mission in life is not to conform to things, as they appear to be imposed by family friends or society. Each of us is to be our own true love; we are the living light expression of our divine magnificence and are to be the absolute authority in all decisions; by trusting  our intuition to guide us to participate in only that of which brings us joy in any given moment.

The world in its present state is nothing more than the changes we have all been awaiting. We as the inhabitants of the beautiful mother earth are collectively shifting from the lower levels of fear into the divine magnificence of the highest vibration of love.

The time is now to move beyond our past conditioning; to shift to the higher level of super consciousness and live in a state of love; where we are in harmony with our divinity and move gracefully through our magnificent soul’s intention to achieve our greatest potential and realize all of our dreams.

Each of us is to individually step up to the integrity of our highest divine authority and creative expression. We are to realize and embrace our inherent heavenly gifts and share them with the world. We are to collectively bring forward new passages, blueprints and road maps for self and all others who wish to lovingly and gracefully navigate their way to their own unique Heaven on Earth!

There are many different tools, applications and or modalities available in the world today to assist you with transforming your life; from what you dread to what you desire and dream about. I Am offering guidance through the personal wisdom gained from my life experiences and my thirty plus years of service to the light; to shift from fear to love so you can give up victimization and be victorious by mastering all illusion of the world of matter.

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