How To Forgive!

How To Forgive!

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How to Forgive...Let Go of Guilt and Shame

Forgiveness, how to let go of guilt shame and blame!

If you desire to Stop Pain, Anger, Depression, Resentment; then it is time to forgive.

There are many ways to accomplish Forgiveness, the following ways are my personal tools to move out through forgiveness to return to Love!

1. The Mental Choice of Forgiveness
2. The Soul Choice of Forgiveness

When we are in our mental bodies with Forgiveness our truth is:

a. We believe someone did us wrong. When we believe we have been wronged and continue to hold someone, something and/or someplace outside of ourselves accountable for the wrongdoing; it is no different than drinking poison and expecting the other person to die.

b. We believe we did something wrong to another. When we believe we did something wrong to another, we simply drink the poison fully knowing it will kill us.

We flip back and forth between believing someone did us wrong versus we did something wrong to another.

Either belief stagnates us and eventually paralyzes us from moving forward into the joyous feelings that allow us to live in Heaven on Earth. To not forgive is the soulful death of us. We stop our growth right in that moment of believing we were wronged or did wrong.

To Forgive as defined in the dictionary:
1. To grant pardon for or remission of an offense, a debt, etc.; to absolve
2. To give up all claim on account of; remit a debt, obligation, etc.
3. To cease to feel resentment against another
4. To cancel an indebtedness or liability.

Ways to forgive: Stop blame and grant pardon
Accept apology
Allow for
Bear no malice
Bear with
Bury the hatchet
Dismiss from mind
Kiss and make up
Laugh off
Let bygones be bygones
Let it go
Let off easy
Let off
Let pass
Let up on
Make allowance
Think no more of
Turn other cheek
Wipe slate clean

Ways to Not Forgive:

In the lists above there are a minimum of 40 ways to forgive versus 5 ways to not forgive; and thusly comes the empowering choice of growing by moving forward through forgiveness or staying stagnant where your mind rots in blame and inflicting punishment upon someone else or your self.

To choose to stymie our growth is choosing hell, it is choosing fear and those choices perpetuate the vicious cycle of non-acceptance, expressed through self-blame or projected blame onto another. We accuse which then causes us to fearfully limit our relationships through censuring them, unfortunately that is nothing more than censuring our own lives as well. We charge forward with judgment, engaging in making someone else or our selves accountable and thusly the results are punishment of self or punishment of others. Then shame follows which fuels the fires of repeating the same negative outcome over and over again.

To choose to grow is choosing heaven, it is choosing love, it is choosing to move beyond critical judgment of self and all others.

How beautiful to have an array of multiple options to be able to free us through forgiveness so we may grow and move forward.

Out of the 40 options above, I personally prefer two “Dismiss from mind and Release (as in release the negative emotions attached to your incorrect truth).
It is the mental body that is holding the incorrect truth (what you have come to believe as a result of your fantasized negative perception). This negative fantasy fuels the fear-based emotions of anger, resentment and even hatred for another or for your self. The mental body is what we have been conditioned to believe; it is a taught behavior and does not even closely resemble who you truly are; the Soul.

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How To Forgive

Love is much more fundamental than any kind of thinking or believing, It is the root and basis of who you are at the most fundamental level.

This means that anything other than Love as an expression of your being is artificial and unnatural
 and is a result of not knowing who you truly are!"

How To Forgive
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