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The Gift of Life....We simply never know when, where or how our soul will choose to leave the physical form that houses it. In any given moment you might just stop breathing. This is not to create fear in you; it is to awaken awareness in you.

It is important to realize all those dreams or plans you continue to delay for one logical fear based reason or another; are truly put off because you have not yet realized the full value of the gift of your life.

You hesitate because you fear the unknown or you don’t truly believe you deserve any better.

When you are in fear of the unknown you spend far too much time demanding a guaranteed outcome before you will make any commitment to go any where or do any thing that exceeds the boundaries of your comfort zone.

You may be hesitating, despite telling yourself how much you love and adore you; because deep within you really don’t believe you are worthy of experiencing anything better or more than what you have already.

The problem is; when you delay your dreams or plans regardless of which underlying culprit is ruling your life, the fear of the unknown and/or the incorrect beliefs of unworthiness; you are not valuing the gift of your life. You will end up only experiencing a dull existence rather than fully enjoying a vibrant, jubilant journey!

Despite all your rational, you are doing nothing more than risking never realizing any of your dreams or plans at all.

The value of the gift of life is the freedom to be you in any given moment. It is the liberation to fully express the adventurous child within you, who is completely and totally divinely supported by God breathing through you and the Goddess pulsing in your heart.

Why not live rather than just survive, no matter how long or short it may be.  Why not have a great life rather than just take up space?
To value the gift of life is to live in truth knowing you have spent the preciousness of each and every moment in love and engaging in only those activities that bring you joy. To realize the gift of life in each and every moment is to be courageous, to confront our inner demons and embrace them with love so that the ego, the fearful aspect of self does not impede or hinder our joyful expression.

I can help you be who you really are by pinpointing whether it is your fear or your erroneous beliefs of unworthiness. You can be courageous and  joyful; so you can enjoy the value of the gift of life!

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