Magnificent Me!

Magnificent Me - Self Mastery
Claim and Unleash Your Authentic Self

Your highest mission in life is not to conform to things, as they appear to be imposed by and/or society. You are to be the self-mastered Magnificence Me; guided by your highest Divine  authority to trust in self and continually express what brings you joy in any given moment.

Conforming to conditioned beliefs and/or taught behaviors, has been the all-consuming painful catalyst that has left each of us in some level of lack and caused us to experience a mere survival based existence that is less than befitting of our heavenly magnificence.

Your soul mission is not to settle for less; you are meant to be the real you so you may aspire to your greatest goals and realize all your dreams.

Magnificent Me is your highest self, your soul that can and will illuminate your world with its radiance; as you allow the seeds of greatness within you to be nurtured into full maturity realizing your highest potential. The Magnificent Me who lives in a state of love is free to express and become the example for many more to do the same.

The Magnificent Me does not fret over how to do anything; it knows it only need envision through its imagination with loving faith that all it desires is already manifest.

Being the Magnificent Me is the best and most powerful and profound way to realizing all of your dreams; as well as assist in uplifting others from the limiting state of fearful lack into that of the expanded state of abundant love.

Your Magnificent Me has always resided within you; yet it has been oppressed by the fearful thoughts of the lower mental mind, aka the ego. The Magnificent Me has always longed to express itself fully. It is intent on being claimed and unleashed so that you may live the life you have only dreamt of up until this point.

Your Magnificent Me is liken to the symbology of the Dragon Fly. In ancient myth it is said the dragon fly was once a dragon until it was tricked and as such it perceived it lost its magnificence and knowingness of greatness, because it lost it size that represented its strength and power. Yet the dragonfly overcame the illusion by realizing, although it may be small in physical form it is most powerful in the magic of the imagination. The dragonfly having overcome its own illusion or incorrect belief of being less than is a reflection to remind each of each of us to do the same.

With a closer look at the dragonfly’s wings when expanded they would appear more like a magnificent blending of patterns and colors integrated in harmony. When you choose to free the Magnificent Me you then open to your magical world of irridescent intricacies that hold the higher consciousness truths and the gift of utilizing the imagination for what you want rather than continue to misuse it by focusing on what you don’t want and this is what is necessary to free you and the rest of the world from its slavery of illusion of being small and insignificant.

You are liken to the dragonfly, who was once tricked by words or actions of others and further conditioned to think, feel and behave as less than who and what you are. It is not necessary to continue to attempt to figure out all the details that led to your current sorrows of the pain filled darkness of the victimized life. It is only important to know that using your imagination coupled with loving feelings while focusing on your magnificence in each and every moment is what will transform you. This will allow you to emerge from that unempowered victimization into the ever expanding loving state of the Magnificent Me.

The journey of the magnificent me there and back again; is also liken to the lotus flower, a type of water lily, that is held sacred among many of the world's religions and cultures. With its roots in the mud, the lotus rises through the murky water (your old life) to blossom clean and bright, symbolizing purity, resurrection and the enlightened being who emerges undefiled from the chaos and illusion of the world. This basically sums up who and what each of us are as a soul and what we have experienced here on the dimension of earth.

The Lotus flower can remind you of the miracle of the Magnificent Me and its beauty, light and life, that you truly are and help you accept your magnificence in the world.

Once you imagine yourself awakening and rising out of the muck of the  past muddy waters of life, your Magnificent Me will have clear site of the heart’s desire and soul’s intention to bring about change for the highest good of all. It will claim and unleash its Divine Authority who will then courageously guide you forward, as it knows there is no reason to be tethered by its past or fear its future.

As the Magnificent Me you know you are also liken to the butterfly and have traveled the journey of transformation through the magical metamorphosis of self. It peacefully flutters about bestowing beauty and grace upon the lives of many with the truth of whom they are.

The Magnificent Me is the full blossoming of the maturity and wisdom of being love and expressing the innocence childlike trust which attracts others to you who are resonating at the same frequency. As the Magnificent Me you honor the truth in all others; as they will for you, never demanding anyone act or behave in a manner that is unnatural for them; as you know fully each soul is yet another Magnificent Me, yet with its own unique expression of the love they are.

The Magnificent Me is a bearer and guardian of the truth of each individual. You are protected by the truth of who you are and will never again suffer from any harm as a result of the illusion of the world and or others opinions. You wear your beautiful, light filled expansive heart on your sleeve, openly for all to see as a symbol for each to do the same.

What a refreshing change that would make in the world when everyone is following the heart of the Magnificent Me, fully knowing and being the love they are!

"We do not fear our darkness…we fear our Light!"
Marianne Williamson said that and she was right.

I believe Marianne is referring to the radiance of the Magnificent Me soul we are. Each of us is meant to be great in our own unique way.

We are not meant to follow the direction of another’s opinions or expectations. In the past we subscribed to the incorrect belief of even having an unspoken desire to go against the grain of another’s expectations, a religious dogma or a cultural tradition caused us to believe that we are bad or incomplete in some way.

By following direction imposed by another outside of ourselves is how we ended up justifying our denial of what is right for us; because we feared if we did not do as expected of us we would lose some sort of support outside of ourselves. It may have been support of love, money, a safe environment or all of us and the fear dictates we settle into the behavior of following another’s demands only to find that the Magnificent Me is oppressed and we have become dull and lifeless. In accepting this arrangement we sell out by trading off being a hostage to our fear rather than a host to love and eventually we lose our precious selves along the way.

We force ourselves into the compromise of an ordinary life liken to hell, secretly angry and resentful, yet openly or covertly rebellious of what we perceive was done to us; this vicious cycle of victimization is only fueled by continually projecting or responsibility onto others.

We have forgotten our empowered state of magnificence and hide behind others, holding them accountable for what we are fearful of accomplishing. We blame partners, children, parents and many others for not aspiring to the full maturity of the greatness seeded within us all. We live in misery because someone or something is not supporting us in some manner or another; rather than owning the responsibility of our self-imposed limitations.

Worst of all we are harsh and cruel to ourselves because we subscribed to the words or actions of another that were imposed and imprinted upon us at a time when we didn’t know any better other than to believe what they said was true. As a result we have forgotten the Magnificent Me or worse still we fear its courageous freedom of expression because that is what we perceive led to many painful consequences and we choose to survive rather than thrive.

We remain in darkness because we fear not the lack and misery of our self-inflicted hells, we fear the perceived unknown of the abundant magnificence of our light and the expression of its illumination in heaven on earth.

The light of you, your Magnificent Me is not unknown to you, as it is whom you truly are and have always been. You are not a human attempting to obtain spirituality; you are a bright thriving spirit having a human experience. This experience is for nothing more than to remember the truth of who you are by mastering the illusions of the physical world all around you.

The ordinary mundane dull world that survives in fear is not supportive of the Magnificent Me and this lifeless worldly imposed conditions all to strive for an ordinary life, convincing each of us that this is the best and safest path to follow.

The Magnificent Me goes unnurtured first by your original caretakers and then continues to be unattended to by you because after so many years of copping out and giving in it is forced to live in the darkness of illusion. Each of you have lived many years where you piled one layer of conditioned beliefs atop another and where you have continued to oppress your magnificence in fear of some manner of loss.

It is far better to live an extraordinary short life as the Magnificent Me, a few months, weeks, days or even a few hours in the blissfully loving freedom of expressing your inherent divinity…than it is to live to a ripe old age in an ordinary mundane prison of mental and emotional slavery based on some nonsense you subscribed to in the past. In order to be the Magnificent Me, you will need to attend to your heart. Your heart is the guide to realizing your greatness and your dreams manifest.

We all suffer the affliction of not knowing our magnificent true worth; as each of us lacked nurturing in being free to be ourselves, especially in those more subtle non tangible things like trusting in ourselves by following our feelings. As a child you were still very much in partnership with your higher magnificent self and saw very clearly and expressed your feelings very genuinely; but too often self-expression was suppressed by family as well as society.

You were trained to incorrectly believe your feelings had no merit in life and when expressed often resulted in humiliation. As you suffered from negative consequences it was imprinted upon you was that expressing feelings was not a good thing. You were conditioned instead to weigh all your choices and decisions in the mental process only and instructed to figure it all out rather than to feel it through. Withholding the expression of feelings is what has caused damage to the magnificent me of each of us.

There is probably little doubt that the very family and society that was less than supportive of you; suffered from the same oppression and it has continued to be passed on to each generation and individual child. This affliction of having to intellectually figure out your plan of action, with a guaranteed outcome before engaging on the journey…whatever the journey is; is the culprit that keeps you from being the magnificent me. In the behavior of having to figure it all out, the lower mental mind, the ego and its fearful thoughts usurps the position of the Magnificent Me and it’s joyful heart and the result is confusion and eventual loss of the true self.

For all of you, if you so choose, you will realize the precious gift of life and know that the time has come to let go of the old ordinary existence no matter how habitually engrained; so that you may live the rest of your limited time on this planet in the extraordinary state of love, the divine authority of the Magnificent Me where you will be in the present moment trusting completely in your unique creativity of expressing the love you are. In order to know and be a Magnificent Me, it is imperative to follow your heart.

“Your hearts know in silence the secrets of the days and the nights.” Kahlil Gibran said that, and he was right.
In order to unleash the Magnificent Me and allow it to be your divine highest authority you will have to not only realize but know that you are not just a brain or a body whose navigation is to be based on proven logic; you were only taught and continually conditioned to believe this. You did not have to lose sight of your magnificence due to others expectations of you. You are a soul encased within physical form with a body, mind and spirit that are meant to work in harmony with one another. Your magnificent me spirit of your soul resides within your universal heart found within the body form; it speaks to you through the heart, often referred to as intuition.

Your Magnificent Me soul filled Spirit is continuously attempting to guide you away from proven past logic that results in the continuance of an ordinary painful life, into the present moment of an extraordinary joy filled life with the simplicity of the language of feelings.

You are meant to pay attention to your feeling so you know which is the best way for you. Your magnificent soul wants you to be aware of a far more supernatural language of the heart that is simple to comprehend and will assure you being the Magnificent Me! All you need do to unleash your magnificent me; is follow your feelings; knowing beyond a shadow of a doubt what feels good is a go and what feels bad is a no.

All of the 13 steps of successful effective change contained in the book and workshop “Magnificent Me, Ascension A Road Map to Live Heaen on Earth” are indepth, yet practical and easy understandings combined with transformational healing techniques to realize, acknowledge and release your Divine inner authority; where you will follow those feelings without question.

In this present age; all of us are collectively moving away from a world of fear into a world of love; as each of us is made of pure compassionate love and that energy is now swirling and consuming all of us, so we may consciously understand that we no longer have to settle for an ordinary life. You can open up to and allow yourself to be nurtured like never before.

When you are willing to open up to your feelings you will realize you are and have always been completely surrounded by an energy liken to an unconditionally loving mother. It is the magnificent me soul filled spirit of you who speaks to you from your heart and who through its gentle nature guides you lovingly to your greatest potential.

The magnificent me directs you through feelings which are to be paid full attention to. All of us have been conditioned to believe it is the other way around; that we must listen to rational logic where there may be an answer but not necessarily the whole truth. We obstinately insist on relying on logic even though it is more than apparent that this is the very thing that has gotten us the life we have experienced thus far.

As I stated above, the magnificent me has been throughout many eons denied its rightful place and open free expression. Its value and worth has been stolen by the dictates of societal conditioning and other dogmas based in logic or oppression. When the magnificent me is unleashed and is permitted its appropriate place as the main star of the constellation of your life; it will inevitably lead you through and to the creation and manifestation of your deepest and greatest and even wildest dreams.

With your every day conscious cooperation to partner with your magnificent me can be easily freed from its prison where it will be your one and only authority and will make sure you no longer follow direction that speaks of lies pertaining to unworthiness, especially those self imposed criticism that stem from another voice you heard long ago that has nothing to do with nor spoke the truth of who you truly are.

Your Magnificent Me will gracefully speak to you from your heart so that you are completely nurtured and your spirit is free to express its many unique tangible and intangible gifts and talents.

The technique of acknowledging and unleashing your magnificent me also consists of taking responsibility for all you do and do not do. It involves your willingness to stop expecting someone else to do the job for you and instead become that unconditionally loving authoritative figure to yourself. Remember, “what they can do for you; they can also do to you”.

If you wish to be free of demanding expectations of others, then you start by not being demanding of anyone else to give you the love you desire or anything else you may perceive you are lacking. No one can give you what they do not have to give and insisting upon them doing so will only result in angry resentment and controlling behavior on every one’s part.

When you believe you lack love you are always seeking it outside of yourself. This sets you up to be disappointed more often than not. When you know you are love you spend all your time sharing it. You are the only one that can realize the Magnificent Me and, know and express the love you are and have always been.

No one has the capacity to sasiate your incorrect belief of lacking love and being less than magnificent. This power is within you alone; it is the magnificent me once acknowledged, attended to and unleashed who will continually nurture you by providing all that you need, want and desire. It is time to be kind to yourself and give to you what you have most often given to others to the point of denying yourself.

When you choose to engage in giving without the proper balance of receiving your well runs dry and you suffer mental, emotional and physical distress. Balancing out this natural cycle of being is very important, as you can only give what you have and it is time to correct the incorrect beliefs so that you openly welcome and accept your own nurturing and well-being.

As you begin to unleash the magnificent me by being present with yourself you will open up to all of your feelings and you may notice the symptoms of feeling overly emotional, crying at the drop of a hat…or at least wanting to or being angered for no apparent reason. Please, don’t stop those tears….don’t hold them back as they are the cleansing of the emotional pain of the past. Nor do you ignore the anger…you feel it without having to project the blame onto another. No emotion will last forever even though at times it may seem so. Emotions are energy in motion and they must express so they can be released. They do not go away with your denial they only grow larger eventually showing up as a dis-ease in the body. Emotions are true and honest as they are the expression of your feelings.

The most profound and important spiritually Magnificent Me high thing you can do is honor your feelings in each and every moment. Honoring them means allowing you to feel them, rather than explain them away or make excuses for them or act them act in a blameful projection towards another. The faster you are willing to feel and express them in a healthy manner, meaning not projecting blame outwardly…the faster you will find that they just gracefully move right through you and you are on to feeling good and smiling again.

Without being willing to feel you will never aspire to being the Magnificent Me, master manifestor of all the wonderful things in life you desire; as it is feelings that are the most relevant ingredient to realizing your dreams. Good, positive feelings are the fuel that propels you towards your desired goal. Uncomfortable, negative feelings will continue to fuel the cycle of painful lack. Giving your attention to undesirable feelings or going numb not being willing to feel at all, will block your joy because it is masked and buried in pain and that pain is continually held down by a denial of it or being addicted to it as well.

If you wish not only for yourself, but for your children or others you love, as well to have loving abundantly prosperous healthy life directed by their Magnificent me, then start by making a vow to stop imposing oppressive opinions and conditioning upon them with an agenda to train their minds in order to make a living at the expense of the expression of the very magnificent me spirit of them. Passing down what was imposed upon you is nothing more then denying them their heart’s freedom and full soul knowingness. Just because they are small in form does not make them lacking in wisdom or magic. Little ones are far more connected to their Magnificent Me and you could learn a few things by observing them and following their role model.

You, as well as they, are divinity a belong to the love of self, not to the expectations of the parents that have given them passage to birth upon the planet. Remind yourself and your children that they are more than just under your stewardship, tell them they are a Magnificent child of God, and that yes you participated in giving them life, yet that does not license you to live their life because you are in fear of living your own.

Fortify and strengthen the Magnificent Me’s in you and them by encouraging the heart’s desires. Utilize your divine gift of free will and free choice by attending to the importance of the heart’s desires; rather than imposing fears upon and inflicting self and others with your limited logical thoughts and beliefs.

”Watch out, stay safe, don’t run, don’t climb, don’t experience, train your brain, don’t cry, wipe your tears, grow up, don’t be angry, especially don’t express your anger to me, don’t risk your heart, don’t trust…don’t live…just survive, sit in the house in front of the television where you can engage in more fear and continue to be a victim or where you can play video games that teach you how to have no heart or soul by engaging in activities that teach you how to power over others by engaging war and taking their lives so you can feel important through the illusion of killing, maiming, stealing etc…do this and whatever else I demand of you and whatever else it takes even at the expense of your heart and soul to do so…because I am in fear and have forgotton my Magnificent Me and can only survive. I am unable to thrive through the directive of the Magnificent me because I fear not having enough money, love, etc and can’t spend time to be present with you where you can see that you have value and where I can guide and mentor you in a healthy manner!”

Is it any wonder that many children upon this dimension of earth have up until now grown into adults that can’t feel for themselves? Thusly they remain dependant upon their parents for everything they need want and desire or they learn to compete or steal from others or even take another’s gift of life in order to gain what they perceive they are lacking.

Do you ever look within to see what you have done to influence this? Is it any wonder why the youth upon this dimension seem to lack compassion and understanding for self and others. How can they be any different as they were mentored, guided and facilitated to bury the Magnificent Me to live by the direction of victim's fearful thoughts and guaranteed outcomes.

Remember that misery loves company and that you may be unconsciously attempting to control your children and other loved ones into joining you in hell rather than have the courage to free yourself so all may live in heaven on earth. If you have done it, it is because it was passed onto you by others. You need not be this unhealthy influence upon them or your selves any longer.

You can choose right now that the buck stops here. You awaken to the Magnificent Me of you and unleash its divinity to be the author of and director to the realization of all your dreams.

If you have been surviving as a victim, due to an incorrect belief of being the lesser child of God; you are now primed to journey on the adventure of life guided by your heart and the Magnificent Me soul of you who is free to express everything you feel. To delay embarking on this journey for even one more moment only ensures your imprisonment.

To be the Magnificent Me in this very moment means joyfully living in the present moment and following the heart’s desires. Along the journey of expressing the divinity you are; you will courageously face your fears as they arise, acknowledge, feel and release negative feelings in any given moment and do it all without inflicting any additional painful consequences or more harm to yourself or others.

As the Magnificent Me your Spirit can soar as you put aside living by default and instead through conscious intentional manifestation realize all that you have up to this point only dreamed about. You then uplift many others through your own ascension and you are ensured that you are an adept guide to all by example.

This adventure of claiming and unleashing the Magnificent Me is for all those whom also have a heart desire to heal and to help others heal. This does not mean you have to go out and heal the world, you can use what you have learned in your everyday life in every day ordinary situations in order to make your life and those you love in your immediate surroundings, live extraordinarily and change for the better as well.

You can expand your giving Magnificent Me soulful nature through your passionate spirit in your own unique way to assist the many worldwide who are seeking help to rid themselves of the very same fear so they may also live in love. You can become a global teacher by example, for what you pass on is passed on by those who learned from you!

You can and will do this, not necessarily how others have done it, but with the application of your own unique talents, gifts, services and or products.

You may not receive any type of certification or licensing on this adventure, or even any notoriety. You will instead become aware of and claim the highest divine level of heavenly authority, certification and licensing you already hold; that of the divine magnificence of you who is already wise beyond all measure through the first hand experience of mastering the illusion of density.

You will bring forth into full maturation; the full remembrance of the wisdom of self, coupled with the courage to be in integrity with self no matter where, no matter whom and no matter what!

Your Magnficent Me follows your heart and is engaged in the adventure of being in the moment of the journey. Unleashing the Magnificent Me and claiming your Divine authority is not only equivalent to jump starting the battery of your life that has been lying dormant from lack of use, but it holds the empowerment of the freedom to follow it’s unlimited imagination. It knows not only how to dream but to pursue those dreams unencumbered by any illusion presented along the way; because the Magnificent Me is liberated from the personal baggage that previously held you back from fully trusting in self and joyfully participating in the adventure of life. You will feel like you have finally been born into the magical world of which you always belonged and had simply forgotten.

You will be free from limiting thoughts or stagnating emotions; this is the highest level of license in existence. It is the license of freedom of expression where you allow you to feel what is right for you and what is wrong for you. Accelerated awareness is the license and certification to be the fun loving adventurous, thriving Magnificent Me Spirit you already are. In this awareness you do no harm; you can only do good, as you know what is right or wrong for you, may not be the same for another.

You plant the seeds of awakening awareness, yet you do not force them to grow. You become an adept guide, mentor or facilitator at showing others the way to their joyful hearts and full expression of whom they are because you traveled and continue to travel that path.

In each and every moment you will be rid of self-doubt that keeps you from making decisions and then choosing your choice. You will be clear on what brings you joy in that present time and you will move forward with confidence in how to use your higher wisdom through your specific gifts and how to apply those divine gifts to empower others to do the same.

You will emerge from victim to victorious because you have applied your greater strength and courage to step beyond your mental and emotional conditioning, into the full empowerment of loving Magnificent Me light that you are. You travel life’s path with your bag of magical tools so that you can apply practically in every moment to maintain your empowerment when the ego attempts to manipulate you into revisiting the old damaging self-doubting thoughts.

The light is calling to you to step into your Magnificent Me Divinity, not only for your health and well being, but for the health and well being of all others following in your footsteps.

Your journey to return to loving expression of the Magnificent Me is also vitally important for all those you encounter as well, so when you stare straight into the eyes of one that is still mentally and emotionally imprisoned in the dull lifeless ordinary world, you can assist them beyond their pain into their Magnificent Me and extraordinary life because you understand from first hand experience what it was like to believe you are less than what you truly are. You can gaze within their eyes, reaching through their pain straight to their heart to awaken their joy by saying or even thinking; “I understand! They will know you truly get it what it takes to courageously express the Magnificent Me. They will be inspired to follow suit, encouraged and supported by your example.

NOW is the time to journey into the adventure of the truth of the soul of you through the very heart of you …to be free to be the spirit of the true identity of you.

You will be loved and supported through the entire journey…as you love and support yourself in choosing you’re the liberating pathway of being in your heart.

The heart of you will lead you to the acknowledgement of your divine magnificence and then you can’t help but express the bliss of you through the very Spirit of the loving light you are!

You are and have always been the Magnificent Me and now is the time to awaken that truth and be that living light.

Now be great because you are already Magnificent!

Copyright Eloryia RA 2011

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