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The Awakening

Ascension, A Trilogy of Transformation
Book One
The Awakening

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Reviews By Suzanne Mazzarella on January 18, 2017 Format: Paperback
"I am feeling so grateful that I found this book! The author, Eloryia Ra, takes us on a journey of her life before and after her spiritual awakening. I could feel all the raw, powerful emotions as I read each page and did not want to stop! The sheer honesty and vulnerability that Eloryia pours onto the pages is heartfelt. I wish I would have read this book while going through my awakening, but it helps me look back upon my experiences and teaches spiritual lessons that we can all relate to. I truly enjoyed reading this book and thank Eloryia Ra for shinning her light and sharing her very personal story. She is magnificent."

By Megan Greywolf on June 12, 2004 Format: Paperback
"I have known Eloryia Ra for over 16 years and walked with her through a portion of her story. She is my angel girl as I call her and she has chosen to walk HEAVEN ON EARTH. If you are ready to chose HEAVEN OVER HELL then this book is a MUST READ. It is a challenge to chose Heaven every day but Eloryia Ra did chose Heaven and her struggle to get there is nothing short of a courageous HERO/HEROINES journey. This is walking a Mythic Journey with no guide book and no instructions sheet. If you doubt or fear, feel lost or confused, or feel like your life is a horror movie then I highly recommend reading this book to inspire you to continue your journey to finding Heaven on Earth. Megan "Grey Wolf" Garcia author of GRANDMOTHERS "A Wisdom Teaching"

By T. R Stilley on July 26, 2004 Format: Paperback
"I have appreciated Eloryia Ra's book Awakening (Ascension) both as a fascinating story of one persons evolution and awakening and as a guide to what is possible on the human plane if we are courageous enough to listen to and accept guidance from sources we are not normally aware of. This story of a girl, a woman and an angel and her journey through all the paths that led her to enlightenment and trusting in higher knowledge is a fun and life enhancing read. I would recommend it to anyone who is on a path of self discovery and looking for real world truths of what is possible in life "

By Pam Eubanks on June 7, 2004 Format: Paperback
"Wow! What a powerful book! Although the type is small, the message is huge. The theme paralleled my own story closely in many ways, but led me to enlightenment with its conclusions. If you are on your own path to enlightenment, or if you have had struggles in life that make no sense and you are seeking the answers, this is the book to read! The messages within the messages will lead you on a journey there."

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