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Eloryia (Heart Song) RA

Eloryia RA Workshop Leader

Why trust me to guide you out of your fear based existence where you suffer from mental distress and emotional pain; into the unconditional love of your authentic self, the Magnificent Me who thrives in their own unique Heaven on Earth?

Why do I know I can help you be who you really are and live the life of your dreams?


Because I live the life of my dreams right here and now. I have been where you are and can lovingly guide you to where you wish to be. I am an also mastered in the field of pinpointing your issues and knowing the resolve for you to have a peaceful mind, a strong healthy body and a happy heart. All the necessary components to manifest the life of your dreams.

The only difference between you and me is; I have already walked the path of the journey I am asking you to embark on or may already be on. This makes me capable of showing you a more direct life liberating path through, what most often feels like a tangled jungle; to claim and unleash your authentic self. I can provide a clear road map so you can avoid anymore of the many pitfalls or detours from claiming and unleashing your divine authentic self; who will purposfully and consciously realize your goal of living a life of your dreams. See details

Eloryia RA, Transformation Life Coach, workshop leader and retreat facilitator, emotional release facilitator, Clairvoyant, Radio Talk Show Host, Artist and Published Author ; playfully shares her wisdom, (knowledge gained through experience) of the universal laws of ONE and the accelerated path to living Heaven on Earth; as she facilitates you to blossom into your greatest expression your authentic self, by returning to your truest love, the love of self.

"When you know you are your authentic self you also become your own True Love; where you are free to express your greatest and most joyful expression as well as be supportive for all others to do the same." E. R.

For many years Eloryia has been referred to as the “Angel Lady and/or Elfin” as a result of her playful loving devotion to assisting each and every individual she encounters to realize, accept and enact their Divine Magnificence.

For 35+ years she has expertly and lovingly guided hundreds of people worldwide to live in heaven on earth by releasing their old limiting beliefs and stagnant emotional pain; so they can raise their consciousness from what they previously perceived was done to them, to the greater understanding of what was divinely orchestrated for their highest good.

With her multi-faceted applications and modalities she will gently and safely guide you on a magical journey to a happy heart and peaceful mind; to free your Spirit, forever leaving behind your limiting fears that have caused you lack and kept you prisoner from moving forward with your soul's joyful life intentions.

Her work engenders a true sense of faith and trust, while rendering an authentic, effective and successful change with each of those who engage her services.

Eloryia invites you to step up to your heart to be guided to your greatest authority who resides within you.

The time is now to change individually so we may collectively reside in Heaven on Earth where we consciously follow our hearts to a live each moment supported by our super consciousness and is in every moment full of abundance of peace, love, joy, health and well being for all.

I am no stranger to painful life ridden with lack and limitation. I am sharing some very personal details so you know, I am no different from you. I have faced my own challenging life trials and by following these very same steps, being offered to you, I finally ended the vicious cycle. I emerged from  darkened despair and literally leaped into the light of the radiance and expert guide I was born to be. .

In my first book; The Awakening, Book One, Ascension A Trilogy of Transformation I shared my personal plight of self-destructive abusive behavior due to erroneoously believing I was separate from God and unworthy of love. The Illusion of separation is something we are all plague with.

I shared how I lost my childhood from sexual abuse; which then led to participating in abusive relationships as a teen and young adult and an  addiction to life consuming drugs and eating disorders.,

Shortly after book one was published and after many long years of working my way out of the state of fear into unconditional love; as well as assisting others with their awakening; my own life was thriving. I was in a loving, supportive relationship and living in the home of my dreams. I believed I was free of the illusion of separation and well on my way to maintaining Ascension and fully activating and expanding my Magnificent Me.

In July of 2004; my thirty-two year old son, my only child, was killed in a hit and run accident. This devastating experience caused me to revisit all the incorrect beliefs of separation from God; resulting in believing once again i had no value.  Eventually the stressful, limiting thoughts and the emotional pain took hold.

Despite the many years I had worked on clearing my painful past, to be in full service to the light and be adept at assisting many others in creating the life of their dreams; I found myself once again consumed by the erroneous beliefs of being rejected, forsaken and abandoned. I simply could not wrap my head around the loss of my only child; especially after I had worked so hard to help so many other children of God.

The only difference from my past, was this time I consciously engaged in the destructive thoughts. Despite all the process of letting go of the erroneous beliefs that had stolen my young life and knowing the danger; I was in so much pain i simply did not care.

I flipped back and forth between blaming myself for not being able to save my child and hating God for taking him. There were moments I made a conscious attempt to be happy so I could continue the work that had been so joyous for me; yet there waw still a fragment of me that was sabatouging all my good intentions.  My negative emotions erratically bounced between waves of uncontrollable grief, to fits of raging revenge and all the way to not giving a damn about anyone or anything.

The erroneous thoughts of guilt, along with the wreckless live wire of charge filled emotions resulted in complete lack and limitation on every level; until I finally could not take it anymore.

I lost trust in myself; not understanding how someone like me; with highly developed intuitive abilities could have known nothing of my child’s impending death. It mattered not what I thought or tried; all of it resulted in an adamant refusal to continue to do the work.

My life continued to spiral downward. In the years to follow my son's untimely death, I lost my business and eventually lost my home/spiritual center; which I dedicated over twenty years of my life and invested all my money in.

I found myself in a state of despair wondering why I who had devoted my life to helping others was so forsaken. My mind continued to wander through the depths of hell on earth; where fear reigned and eventually many different physical illness and pains manifested threatening to devour the little remnants of life that was left of me.

Eventually, after projecting the blame upon others; i turned it completely towards me and had no desire to continue. I lost faith in myself and my divine abilities; the very things I needed to see me through. I convinced myself daily of having nothing to offer anyone; paralyzed in thoughts of being completely and totally worthless.

Yet, within that darkened illusion; where the incorrect thoughts and roller coastering emotions had already totally consumed my mind, heart and body; and was now threatening my spirit; I knew deep within me something had to be done.

I knew there was help available; yet i had to muster up the courage to not just ask for it but to accept and follow it as well.  Despite my resistance; I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt I was standing in my own way by choosing to engage in the fear based horrible thoughts that generated terrible feelings were the very things that kept me sprialing downward; resulting in a victimized survival based existence; totally unbefitting of the divinity i was and really did not want.

Somewhere within was a loving and consistent voice who continued to speak. Inspiring and encouraging me to get up and get out of my rut; by acknowledging I was more than what I had convinced myself of.

I found myself silently calling out for help because I knew, even though I tried to blame anyone and everyone else, I was doing nothing more than destroying myself. Help arrived in many ways, shapes and forms to guide me with loving light and encouraging words to never give up.

At first, even though i has consciously ask for help; I resisted fully knowing i was doing nothing more than attempting to defend my denial of the truth. Yet; the assistance was consistent; it appeared daily with the relentless truth of my magnificence. Eventually I found myself simply too tired to maintain my defenses. By this time the victimization had seeded in my physical body and I was fast losing the use of my lower body. Fear of a paralyzed physical form became my ally; as it installed the final motivation i needed to make a different choice.

I had lost my child, my business and my home; i was not willing to lose my legs as well.  I eventually came to realize  it was time to seek the full maturity of my authentic self.
I followed my own steps to rid myself of the erroneous limiting thoughts and release the trapped emotional pain associated with that inner critic who had not only destroyed all I had accomplished up to that point, but was sabatouging anything new i was attempting. .

The Ascension-Magnificent Me life liberating program was what i immediately started attending to. Years earlier I had started recording the divinely channeld steps of the Ascension program in the form of my second book and videos of the exercising to better help others. I was guided to complete the book and in this i found myself fully engaged in the very steps I was writing about. It became quite clear it was time for the physician to heal thyself. It was also obvious I already had the program, that would accomplish my goal, right within my hands.

I started participating in my own  program one step at a time. Because of my severe back pain i began each day with the breathing exercises in my creation of the video entitled Change Your Life in Fifteen minutes; as it is an exercise to change your thoughts and release stagnant emotions with the simplicity of breathing in and out. I also had the guided meditations in video format I had created for the first three steps in the programs infancy. i am especially gifted in being able to translate empowering energies into imagery. The videos contained a combination of this divine gift; as well as the audio facilitation; making them extremely impacting for anyone who desires to shift from fear to love.

The memory of my true worth began to seep in and take hold; as wihin the guidance i was able to see the higher understanding of my painful experiences. I knew it was not the experiences that hurt me; but my choice of how to respond or react to them. i was able to change my attitude  and release the trapped emotions associated with the events that had caused my downfall. 

 I began to feel alive and motivated by a stirring deep within me. Once again I was able to clearly tap into and trust the inspiring thoughts I was receiving. The ones that whispered to me there was still a life I not only wanted to live but was meant to experience. I finally found the strength and courage to begin again and rededicate myself to the service of helping others realize just how profoundly magnificent they are!

I know I am not unique in my pain; as many of you have similar experiences. Yet, regardless of what any of us create from our initial thoughts of having no value; each of us can choose to get up and move on into realizing all we desire. Independently or collectively we can all move away from a world of fear into a world of love, a super conscious ascended state of being that is lived through our Magnificent Me who will manifest Heaven on Earth.

Through all my self-inflicted persecution of darkness including all mental, emotional and physical pain, I came to know beyond a shadow of a doubt; each of us is made of pure compassionate love and each of us is to acknowledge that truth within ourselves and then extend it out to all others.

This higher truth is now swirling and consuming all of us; so we may consciously understand we no longer need settle for a painful life or even just an ordinary life only surviving until such day comes causing us to pass by accident or illness. I am not unique; but I am a good example of how to emerge out of the darkness into the light. Just like me; you can realize the Magnificent Me by shifting your thoughts and attitude by getting the help that will allow you to engage in self nurturing where quite quickly you can be free to be!

Changing negative thoughts and releasing emotional based charges will allow you to unleash your Magnificent Me and claim your Divine authority. To be your authentic self, you must discover and release the multiple layers of fake identities and unhealthy patterns passed onto us from our blood family, and society. Only then can we truly know the depths of our heart and soul.

The guiding steps within the program  are equivalent to jump starting the battery of your life that has been lying dormant from lack of use, but it holds the empowerment of the freedom to follow its unlimited imagination. It knows not only how to dream but to pursue those dreams unencumbered by any obstacle presented along the way. The Magnificent Me is liberated from the personal baggage that previously held you back from fully trusting in self and joyfully participating in the adventure of life. You will feel like you have finally been born into the magical world of which you always belonged and had simply forgotten.

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"My workshop/retreat experience was irreplaceable. I was able to leave the distraction behind and remember what it was like just being with myself without obligation to others. I was able to see, feel, and hear the way spirit communicates with me. There was so many things about this adventure that healed me in so many ways. I was able to now begin to trust in myself, spirit, and embrace my feminine side. Removing myself from the everyday distraction I was able to receive the gift of healing."
 A.P. Colorado

"Thank you so much for this healing process. The exercise we did today was so powerful and I feel so empowered. You are so gifted and I know that with all my experiences I too will make a difference in someone's healing. I can feel the energy shifting within me.  You are a blessing. I am ready for this...I am done with surviving and I am ready to LIVE!!!! "
M.M., Mississippi


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Ascension Workshop

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