The Present
Living in the Now!

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The past is but a memory
The future is but a dream unrealized
The Now is the Gift; that it is why it is called the Present!

Not being able to let go of your painful past and or free of a fearful future; is the catalyst to why you don't have what you want in the present moment. I know what it is like to yearn for what was or might have been and attempt to change it all. I understand being wracked with mental and emotional pain rooted in the viscious cycling thoughts of what you might have done and did not or what you did and should not have to effect a different outcome. I have engaged in this futile effort myself; more times than I wish to recall.

I also know first hand what it is like to be paralyzed in moving forward. i get what it is like to be terrified of getting more of the same past in the future to come.

If you wish to create the life you desire, it is imperative you live in the present moment. Living in the present moment, the NOW requires letting go of two things.

One is to let go of the past that keeps you tethered via your unreleased emotions to those people, places, things and or experiences you no longer have any control over. The other is to let go of the future in terms of fearing the outcome.  Letting go of both your past and your future will allow you to create a joyous present existence, as well as the future you desire!

Being free from the tethering pain of the past, as well as liberated from the fear of the future; empowers you to make the most of each and every moment. You can chose to begin each day excited about the new adventure about to unfold. You will be filled with gratitude for what is, rather than regret for what was or fear about what will be.

This is not only possible but it is inevitable when you choose to get the necessary help to be mentally, emotionally and physically present. When you choose the now, your creative thought process is enhanced and the possibilities of manifesting the life you desire are endless!

How to live in joy in the present is one of the empowering offerings towards self-mastery in the Ascension-Magnificent Me progam !

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