Spiritual Life Coaching
One on One Guidance

Dance like no one is watching
Sing like no one is listening
Love like you've never be hurt
Live in Heaven on Earth!

Personal Facilitation
Create The Life of Your Dreams

This is where we sit down by phone, skype or other video chat to dial in the details of your life. Understanding each task at hand and ironing out the wrinkles in your mental  and emotional bodies is key. Once that we've aligned the details, it's time to get things mapped out and organized to clear the old incorrect beliefs so you can adapt and integrate the higher truth of your divine magnificence. .

How Can I Improve myself?

How Can I Improve the World?

The time has come to bring those beautiful images, ideas and plans to life. This is where we really begin to visualize your dreams to manifest them into your everyday world. The time has come to start using these incredible tools to create a better life forever! 

Working together with any or all of the following steps of Ascension allows you to let the greater good of all surface above your own ego. Once you are aligned with your higher self and begin to live in the state of love; it's time to express the real you to the world.

For each of the steps provided in the Ascension Program, regardless of whether you participate in the workshop or not; you can have the undivided attention you deserve for the details of your unique life experiences.

Each of the Program Steps are offered as personal one on one facilitation with Eloryia by phone or Skype. Read the details below and then choose the transformational healing program, you feel works best for you.

"I aim high at being focused on building relationships with each of my clients so they can better serve their personal dreams, their community and the world at large by using your innate divine creative gifts so server the light of your life!." Eloryia RA

"Thank you so much for this healing process. The exercise we did today was so powerful and I feel so empowered. You are so gifted and I know that with all my experiences I too will make a difference in someone's healing. I can feel the energy shifting within me. You are a blessing. I am ready for this...I am done with surviving and I am ready to LIVE!!!! "

"To wake up to such a beautiful response brought tears to my eyes and will be the source of reflection for days to come. I felt your love right through the energy in your words. Thank you for sharing your gifts with me. I will do my mantras and I am ready; I willl take action. Money comes to me as easily as breath.  It is a natural flow, in and out, in and out. Love needs no shields...Love is the shield ...Breathe in the Love This has moved me. Thank you. "Peace & Blessings"

The Present Living in the Now

Disentangle and disengage from being stuck in the painful past where you are paralyzed from moving forward into the future you desire.
See Details

The Value of the Gift of Life

The importance of Being Alive on Earth. Realize the preciousness of life so you can disentangle and disengage from the incorrect belief that you are taking up space and wasting your time. See Details

Awaken Divine Magnificence.

Be Yourself! Reconnection and activation to your Divine Magnificence so you can disentangle and disengage from the old fearful choice of believing you are a lesser child of God. See Details

Follow Your Heart-Be Happy

Do only what you love, create from your Heart.
Reconnection and activation to the higher choice of your life of joy, happiness and peace so you can disentangle and disengage from the lower fearful choice of a life of unfulfilled painful imprisonment. See Details

Trusting your Intuition

Reconnection to and activation of listening to and following your highest inner authority so you can disentangle and disengage from the fearful self-doubting limitations. See Details

Forgiveness and Gratitude

Reconnection to and activation of the higher choice of love to forgive and be grateful; so you can disentangle and disengage the fearful continuance of anger and resentment which is just like ingesting poison hoping the other guy will die. See Details

Love Needs No Shields

The uplifting Ultimate final step of Ascension, Live Heaven on Earth. This is a maintenance technique you can use daily or especially when you find your self paralyzed by fear. It will shift you in a moment from a fearful attitude instantly to love.

Aura Portraits

Let's you see your higher self combined with your human likeness as well as all the etheric symbols that surround you.
Learn about your Soul Mission. Aura, Vision Quest, Spiritual Animal Totem and Shift Your Stuck Relationship Portrais, include a full reading and transformative mandala. View Details