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"Its not who you are that holds you back; its who you think you are not!"

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This webinar was crafted specifically for women who feel their worth has been devalued in some way; especially those of you who can answer yes to any of the following questions. 

Are you often not acknowledged by others no matter how hard you try or how smart or good hearted you are?

Are you fearful of not being accepted and will suffer further loss if you dare to be yourself?

Do you feel guilty or shameful when you do something for yourself?

Are you frustrated because you are still waiting for your dreams to launch or wondering why they won't stay afloat?

Are you always attending to others need, wants and demands, only to end up tired, unappreciated and lacking time and money for yourself?

Do you lack support and seem to be surrounded by resistance for you being the you who wishes to follow your heart ?

Are you still giving more than you are getting in any phase of your life?

Are you fearful of letting others know how you really think or feel?

Have you lost belief or faith in yourself?

Are you feeling depleted or depressed?

Are you emotionally stressed?

Are struggling from not enough money or suffering in inharmonious relationships that lack love, care and support ?

Are you wondering why other women seem to have it all and you don't?

Are you finding yourself continually facing obstacles, pitfalls or detours suddenly or unexpectedly showing up in your life that are limiting being able to take care of yourself ?

Are you always trying to figure out what else you need to do to make things different to having a happy life?

You have more worth and value than you may even be aware of; yet you may not feel or be living yours completely.

"I can't praise Eloriya Ra enough. I am happy I found just her, in my times of need." Ann P.

Get the compassionate help you need to pin point the culprit and the cause of your problems and get the solutions to let go of your struggle; so you can Unlock and Unleash your Dreams to do and have what makes YOU happy.


"Eloryia's teachings have changed my life In many ways. She follows her heart and intuitive guidance in everything she does. Her passion to serve and pass on the knowledge of healing and following ones own heart is amazing and I am so thankful for her teachings, mentoring, and readings over the years. I highly recommend her to anyone looking for clarity and learning how to follow ones own heart." Angela P.

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